Important Announcement:
I don't know if any of our readers can help, but I figured I'd relay the word that Roger Ebert left his MacBook Pro and the speaker for his computer voice in a taxi this weekend and as of this writing has not recovered them. He says his work will suffer without the laptop and he offers a reward for the return of both items.

Our Coverage: "Funny, sexy and mad," writes Joe Utichi about Gregg Araki's Kaboom. He claims the film is "not nearly as seminal as his earlier works" but recommends it and especially praises Juno Temple's scene-stealing performance.

Celeb Sightings: I can only hope Terry Gilliam and Martin Scorsese were discussing Georges Melies when the above photo was taken (Scorsese's next film involves the fantasy film pioneer). Scroll through the rest of Vulture's slideshow for unnecessary but continued evidence that French actresses (Isabella Huppert; Catherine Deneuve) age better than American (Meg Ryan; Ellen Barkin). Daily Mail has pics from the You'll Meet a Tall Dark Stranger red carpet. Evangeline Lilly's dress must be seen, and questioned. At E!, Shia LaBeouf braces himself while kissing Carey Mulligan on a boat.
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