There might be a backlash as Facebook users finally put their foot down over privacy, but there is one awesome result from the questionable social networking site: Betty White. It started simply enough, one lone instance of fan fervor in a sea of fan-led movements: "Betty White to Host SNL (please?)!" But it caught on like wildfire, inspiring over half a million people to join in and beg NBC for a little Betty. Their pleas were heard, and Ms. White hosted Saturday Night Live on May 8.

Sure, she has been riding a strong wave of popularity these days -- moving from the murderous Catherine Piper on Boston Legal to a stint in The Proposal -- but Betty achieved what the other popular celebrity hosts could not. Soaring over the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Gerard Butler, Sigourney Weaver, and Gabourey Sidibe, White earned the show its highest ratings since November of 2008, when Tina Fey was busy with her best Sarah Palin skits. As many of the show's former female cast members returned to act alongside Betty, they proved that Kristen Wiig alone isn't enough to balance out the test-fest of repertory players and bring in the audience numbers.

Naturally, the movement's wild success has not only lead to quests for other classic funny women to host the show -- like Carol Burnett -- but also a follow-up push to get White to host the Oscars. Last week, unfortunately, the Academy said no.