Over at Vanity Fair's Little Gold Men blog, Julian Sancton writes from Cannes that he fell asleep during The Strange Case of Angelica, a film by the 101-year-old Manoel de Oliveira that received a standing ovation at its Cannes premiere. The film is about a photographer who falls in love with the object of his latest assignment, a beautiful young dead woman, and is comprised of long, slow shots that, combined with jet lag, darkness, and a number of other factors, put the writer to sleep. (A discussion of "slow cinema" is best left to other writers. The discussion is enough to put me to sleep.)

Sancton writes, "When I left the screening, two older French journalists were shaking their heads in awe. 'It's all there, in that film. All of it: love, death... all of it. Remarkable. I've never felt like such a philistine." Whether or not the film is worth staying awake for is not for me to say, nor is Sancton's standing as a critic -- I've never met the guy and am not familiar with his writing, to be honest -- but at the very least, I applaud Sancton's honesty.

There's a reason that festivals have free coffee available in press areas -- because sometimes things like warm theaters, comfy seats, late-night deadlines, or jet lag do occasionally conspire to put a normally responsible movie reporter asleep! Of course, that writer will then respectfully decline to review that film or interview its subjects, but suffice it to say, it's happened to me. And I'm fairly certain that even if they're not blogging about it openly like Sancton, it happens to plenty of other movie reporters as well.

Excluding your comfy couch at home, have you ever fallen asleep during a film in a theater? If so, what film?
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