So now that you've watched the best vampire film ever to come out of Sweden, let's talk about it. It is time once again for the Horror Squad Movie Club discussion. This week, we are taking a bloody bite out of Let the Right One In. I love this film so much and I very much hope that you had a similar reaction. But even if you didn't like it at all, please jump in and deposit your two cents. There are no worthless opinions...except those of Brad Mchargue. Just kidding Brad. Also, I failed to mention this in the introduction piece last week but there is currently a Blu-ray of Let the Right One In available with the theatrical subtitles intact. If you recall, that was my biggest gripe with the way this release was handled. To its credit, Magnolia does do an amazing job distributing great films that might not otherwise see the light of day. It doesn't hurt that a good number of them premiered at my favoritest festival of all: Fantastic Fest. But yes, just look for the "English theatrical" listed under subtitles on the back of the box to be sure. Alright gang, put on your snow boots and don your giant sweaters. Let's do this!
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