With everyone from Michael Chiklis to Rashida Jones writing comic books and with so many getting optioned for the big screen, there's one guy who has really been left out of the gold rush: Mark Hamill. Hamill's passion for comic books is pretty legendary. He was championing stuff like ComicCon before G4 thought it was cool to do so. Now he might finally be getting his chance with The Dark Pearl. According to Variety, Hamill will finally be directing an adaptation of his 1996 Dark Horse series, The Black Pearl. (I'm guessing Disney's connection to that name will be causing a title change.)

Pearl is the story of Luther Drake, an utterly unremarkable fellow. One night, he prevents the abduction of a woman and the experience awakens him to the need for vigilante justice. He dons a costume to become a hero, but he also becomes a media sensation. Shock jocks and tabloid reporters become obsessed with uncovering his identity. The series only ran for five issues, but dropped off just as the stakes were higher for Drake. Hamill always insisted it wasn't a franchise, but it read like one!

Pearl was originally written as a screenplay before being reinvented as a book, and Hamill's never stopped trying to bring it to the big screen. To be fair, he's had offers for it, but always resisted. "We started getting interest from some pretty big producers a while ago," Hamill told Variety. "But then it started to take on a life of its own where it became this huge mega budget comic book movie. This was the exact opposite of what we wanted to do." We'll see if Pearl finally comes together for Hamill. Considering real world vigilantes are hot things right now (Kick-Ass, Defendor), it seems the right time for his scrappy, edgy comic book thriller.
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