It's May 17th. We're only three weeks into the summer blockbuster season, but we've already had two big movies bow:Iron Man 2and Robin Hood. Both were highly anticipated movies, both were given the full hype treatment, and they came with enormous fan bases and expectations. Judging by the critical and fan reactions all across our great Internet, both have been major disappointments.

Film fans are passionate people, who blow hot and cold with every major release. We go from the highest of excited highs to the depths of despair. Many are predicting that Summer 2010 will be one of the worst movie summers of all time. The fact that Tony Stark and Ridley Scott managed to disappoint certainly tilts the evidence in their favor. The upcoming releases don't hold a lot of promise, either. No one seems excited for The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The Last Airbender has a built in fanbase, but has had to overcome negative casting buzz. The Sorcerer's Apprentice has to overcome the Nicolas Cage factor, and people are scoffing at the flying tank in The A-Team.

Nevertheless, it's not all bad. There'sInception,Toy Story 3, Salt,Predators,Splice, and Centurion. There are a few dark horses, too, like Jonah Hex, The Expendables, The Other Guysand Dinner for Schmucksthat could end up being a lot of fun. Even Knight and Day might be the Tom Cruise fun fest no one knew they were dreaming about.

Or maybe the entire season is a lost cause. What do you think? Is it time to give up on Summer 2010 already, or is there still some life in this cinematic season?

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