It's High Noon At The End Of The Universe

I've had a grey-market copy of Metalstorm - The Destriction of Jared-Syn (1983) (in anaglyph 3D) sitting around my house for months now. I've briefly tested the 3D effect with a cheapie pair of red/blue glasses I own, and while the result isn't great (it's pretty dang terrible, actually), I get perversely excited whenever I think about finally watching it in my home theater. Even though home-format 3D has been around in various forms for decades, being able to watch a movie in 3D from the comfort of my own recliner still seems like a cutting-edge thing to do.

There's no real reason for me having held off so long on watching the film, but the delay (combined with the pretentiously absurd title and the incredible artwork the film's advertising used) has resulted in a massive case of self-induced over-hype. And that's just fine for me. I'm in no hurry to check this one out and be (to one degree or another, I'm sure) disappointed. For now, I prefer to let it live in my mind as an imagined 3D sci-fi epic masterpiece. I'm sure fellow genre fans know the feeling.

Click through for Metalstorm's UK VHS box art from the Entertainment in Video release and a trailer.
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