Things were not looking good for Robin Hood as of the Cannes premiere last week; you could hear the shrugs and eye-rolls across the Atlantic (don't ask how). Its box office returns pretty much confirm the widespread indifference. $37 million is about as badly as this movie could have done without being actively laughed at. Gladiator opened to $34 million ten years ago almost to the day, but times have obviously changed. A $37 million opening for Robin Hood is even more disappointing than $20 million for Kingdom of Heaven was in 2005; this was a highly marketable property, with a marquee cast, and it could have been a summer smash had the timing (and perhaps the movie) been different. Not a debacle by any means, but Universal must be mourning what could have been. (It is worth noting, though, that Robin Hood did much better overseas.)

The weekend's winner, in every sense of the term, is Iron Man 2, which held up as well as could have been expected with around $50 million. With $210 million in the bank, it is running $30 million or so ahead of its predecessor, and is the first of the summer's legitimate challengers to Alice in Wonderland for the year's top spot. (The current mark is $337 million.)

The weekend's counter-programming, Letters to Juliet and Just Wright, grossed $13.8 and $8.5 million, respectively -- both decent numbers for inexpensive, low-key non-events. Surprisingly, A Nightmare on Elm Street stopped the bleeding a bit, dropping under 50% in its third weekend to cross $55 million; at this point, it will likely overtake Friday the 13th ($65 million) despite a weaker start.

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