Shrek Forever AfterIt seems like only yesterday we were last frolicking through the fields of Far Far Away with Shrek, Fiona and Donkey, but three years have passed since 'Shrek the Third,' and it's hard to tell whether or not audiences have actually missed the world's original eco-friendly franchise. (Get it, because Shrek's green? Ahem ...)

Time has not necessarily been kind to everyone's favorite ogre, with many critics observing a decline in quality with each sequel. Will the final installment of the Oscar-winning series be enough to restore Shrek's reputation in the hearts and minds of audiences?

Having seen 'Shrek Forever After,' we must admit that the movie is a marked improvement over 'Third,' which we found so forgettable that a trip to Wikipedia was necessary just to refresh our memories of the plot.

In case you, too, need a refresher course on Shrek's exploits before 'Forever After' hits theaters on May 21, Moviefone has put together a reminder of the story so far, along with a sneak peek at what to expect from the new movie, after the jump.