If you're a currently living human being, chances are you've been in the market for an external hard drive at some point. Computers are so ubiquitous and entrenched in our everyday lives, that external hard drives become necessary for storing important files, shuttling files back and forth between computers and backups (you do backup your files, right?). Well if you're reading this, you probably also like the world of science fiction, so what better way to store you files in style than with a hard drive embedded in a VHS tape of your favorite sci-fi film?

I came across this link a few weeks ago and just had to share it. Someone in Denver has created the ultimate hard drives and is selling them through an Etsy storefront. These are Samsung 2.5" hard drives, the size typically used in laptops, in an external housing modified to fit inside a VHS tape. While the description doesn't elaborate, it appears to be a USB 2.0 bus-powered drive, with the pictures showing a mini-USB connection at the bottom of the tape.

The first one I came across was a VHS of Star Trek: The Motion Picture which has since been sold. Currently available models include Star Wars and Top Gun, though the merchant is willing to convert virtually any VHS tape you send!
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