Fake Twitter accounts have been around as long as Twitter itself, and they continue to be a headache for people and brands, even those with official accounts. The latest to negatively affect the film business is @ParamountFilms, which should not be confused with the legit @ParamountPics. Of course, the former is so undermining that it couldn't possibly be taken as authentic by anyone. Still, it is a humorously subversive feed, Tweeting such goodies as "Not since we released Breakfast At Tiffany's has Paramount been prouder to bring yellow face 2 cinemas with our fantastic The Last Airbender." Other attacks on the studio involve the exploitation of 3D, remakes, the lack of funding for Anchorman 2 and an implication that Paramount is in bed with Scientology for the financing of Mission: Impossible 4.

Amusing, sure, but is it a big deal? Probably not, though Deadline claims the Tweets are being written by "a multtalented actor-writer-director-producer angry at the studio." Obvious guesses are that Will Ferrell is behind the account, because so many of the criticisms involve the lack of support for the Anchorman sequel and are directed to the attention of Adam McKay's Twitter. McKay could also be the culprit himself, solely or collaboratively. Remember that McKay got the ball rolling on Paramount protests with his original Tweet about the Anchorman 2 status. And @ParamountFilms was initiated a day later. Coincidence? Is it likely at least someone associated with the movie or Ferrell/McKay is behind the account? Does it matter?
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