A lot of people (including our own Jessica Barnes) have lamented that Zoe Saldana hasn't become a huge, A-List, headlining star. She's gorgeous, talented, and can kick ass even when she's disguised under pixels. So why isn't she on a Sam Worthington level yet? Happily, that may be changing if her next movie comes together. THR's Heat Vision reports that Saldana is in negotiations to star in Colombiana.*

Written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen, Colombiana is set in Bogota, Colombia. Saldana plays a young woman who sees her parents murdered, and grows up to become a cold-blooded assassin. By day, she works for her uncle as a hitman. By night, she's a vigilante who guns down bad guys. Her ultimate goal is to find the mobster responsible for her parents' murder, and kill him. My kind of girl. (And yours too, right?)

Olivier Megaton is directing, and Besson is producing under his Europa Corp. banner. It sounds as though this could be Saldana's own Professional / Transporter role. Knowing Besson, perhaps it's even something that could be turned into a franchise for her. She's made no secret of being in an action flick phase, and I really love her for it. When so many actresses go the rom-com route (either by choice or for lack of work), I admire that she sticks to her guns, and fights for roles where she gets to actually use them. Here's hoping Colombiana makes her the real rival of Worthington when it comes to big shiny offers.

* As Latino Review pointed out, it's meant to be spelled Colombiana, as in Colombia, not Columbiana as some outlets, including THR, are spelling it. The script spells it correctly.
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