Celeb Sightings: Riding high and Biutiful, Alejandro González Iñárritu gives Javier Bardem a big ol' smooch. E! Online wonders what actress' couture is bringing the most drama. Can any be picked considering the real drama continually swarming around the fest? The Daily Mail was on-hand to grab pictures of recent arrival Lindsay Lohan falling down, because that's always newsworthy. And finally, two chokers: Mallika Sherawat wears a snake to promote Hisss, and Helen Mirren sports on hell of a neck gem.

Our Coverage: Joe Utichi offered up two reviews today. First came Woody Allen's You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, which "is not amongst Allen's weakest work, but it's still far from his strongest. For its light tone and often hilarious humor, the film is sure to entertain, but it won't be remembered as vintage Woody Allen." Next came Stephen Frears' comic adaptation, Tamara Drewe, which won out over Allen: "This may be lighter fare than Stephen Frears is used to, but it certainly seems to strike close to his sense of humour, and while it's often outrageous, there's always something real to every scene. Woody Allen tells a similarly frivolous relationship comedy this Cannes, but his has far less truth within than Frears'."
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