While best known for his dancemaster moves in Step Up, G.I. Joe action, and Dear John smooches, Channing Tatum is doing his best to keep his resume pretty diverse. He will soon live through Roman-ruled Britain in The Eagle of the Ninth, will offer up his pipes for Steven Soderbergh's Knockout, gets to play cop with Al Pacino in Son of No One, and have fun in Ron Howard's upcoming comedy, Cheaters. And don't forget -- he could possibly lead a remake of The Bodyguard. Now Deadline reports that he's also taking on the life of a junkie.

Tatum will star in What's Left of Us, based on Richie Farrell's memoir, that the writer is adapting for the big screen. Farrell grew up in an Irish, working-class neighborhood in Massachusetts where his dad physically beat him to be a star athlete to compensate for a birth defect. But Farrell hurt his knee, became addicted to pain medication, and was a heroin addict by 30. After a suicide attempt, he was ordered to detox.

Berkeley Square Films has raised enough money to get the feature made, so this should become a reality once the script is complete and the director and cast are set. It's a pretty heavy story -- can Tatum pull it off? Is this his Oscar role?
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