The old Gregg Araki is back!

It started with The Living End in 1992, when a gay hustler and a movie critic, both HIV positive, set out on a road trip. The following year brought Totally F***ed Up, which pulled James Duval into Araki's cinematic world. Then there was the introduction of Rose McGowan and the bloody road trip of Doom Generation, a little 90210 on acid with Nowhere, and bubble-gum three-way romance with Splendor. In 2004, Araki's resume was turned upside down with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Mysterious Skin, and again in 2007 with Anna Faris' stoner comedy Smiley Face. Now? The funny and strange world of sex, dysfunction, and death are back with Araki's Kaboom.

The film has screened at Cannes, Joe Utichi gave it a great review, and video clips are lurking online, which you can see after the jump. (Should the videos be removed, you can see them on Cannes' Kaboom page.) All of the clips focus on star Thomas Dekker (Sarah Connor Chronicles, Nightmare on Elm Street) as he talks about life. In the first, he describes a strange dream where he's walking naked through a bright hallway, in the second, a girl interrupts him in the bathroom as he cleans his shoes and tries to discern his sexual orientation, and finally, he laments the woes of living with a sexy, straight roommate named Thor who likes to sleep naked and bring random girls home for sex.