I was browsing through today's new DVD releases for inspiration for a Cinematical Seven when the heavens above aligned. I didn't actually see the beauty to my right upon first glance. It took a second, more thorough scan of the offerings for me to glimpse it and in retrospect I'm not sure if I spotted it or if a divine ray of sunshine glinted off my watch, illuminating its glory for me to be hold. Once I did, though, I knew it was love at first sight: Mutant Vampire Zombies From the 'Hood! It was destiny.

See, unlike the old saying, I do judge a book by its cover/title. A title like Mutant Vampire Zombies From the 'Hood! may as well exist for no one else but I. Every word in the title feeds deliciously off the one next to it. We're not just talking about zombies, we're talking about vampire zombies. That are mutants. From the 'hood. Exclamation point!

It's genius, I tells ya' (and I haven't even mentioned that it was directed by someone whose first name is Thunder or that it stars none other than C. Thomas Howell). But it's hardly the first "From the Hood" film to grab me with its title alone. No, MVZFTH! is just the latest ancestor in a royal line of films with absurd titles intended to lure people into the hood. I may not have seen all seven of the beauties below, but I love them all the same (that's the problem with obsessions).
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