It's common to find artists in Berlin exploring the city's urban sprawl with paint can in hand and an eye for an unlikely canvas -- making the capital city the heart of Europe's street art scene since the reunification of Germany in 1989. The laws against street art in these public spaces are fairly lax, which is perfect for artists wanting to create accessible works. It's impossible to avoid a political or social subtext when discussing most street art -- and a fence standing on Bergmannstraße in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg certainly conveys those messages almost subliminally, but it's also just downright creepy.

Bergmannstraße is a street popular for its antique shops, flea markets and cafes, which makes the menacing faces one artist painted on several fences running along it more frightening. What looks like an ordinary fence at first, slowly shifts into a human face once the passerby's perspective changes and the terrifying expression becomes all too clear.

Hurray for ladies clutching their purses and children running away screaming on a street in Berlin! Check out perspective-riffic photos after the jump.
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