Fox made Avatar. Avatar made more money than God. Fox is now making a TV series executive produced by Steven Spielberg called Terra Nova. A newly released piece of promotional concept art for Terra Nova looks like it was torn straight out of Avatar. Coincidence?!

Terra Nova sounds like a show looking to fill the aching science fiction television gap that formed when Battlestar Galactica wrapped up and Lost announced its endgame. The show has something to do with a time traveling family from the future who need to journey into the distant past to save the world ... or something like that. We do know that there will be dinosaurs and as every six-year-old boy will tell you, dinosaurs are always a good thing. Additional details are sketchy right now, but if you asked me to represent Terra Nova as a mathematical equation, I think it would look something like this:

([Lost in Space + Land of the Lost] - Campiness) + Lost x Avatar.

Brannon Braga, a man with the nasty habit of running good shows into the ground, is the showrunner on Terra Nova. However, I remain hopeful due to the involvement of writer David Fury, a man who wrote many of the best episodes for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Lost and 24. Fury is a god among TV writers.

More on Terra Nova as it happens.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)
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