Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back posterThe original screenplay for The Empire Strikes Back has made it's way online and shows many intriguing differences to the movie that eventually made it to the big screen.

The draft script was written by Leigh Brackett, a legendary writer most famous for her collaboration with Howard Hawks in The Big Sleep (1946) as well as numerous action flicks and spaghetti westerns.

The original draft - titled 'Star Wars Sequel' - was completed on February 23, 1978 but Brackett died of cancer on March 18, 1978 before she could do a rewrite. George Lucas was left to do various drafts and then Lawrence Kasdan was commissioned (later going on to work with Lucas on Raiders Of The Lost Ark as well as return Of The Jedi).

Although many of Brackett's ideas and lines made it into Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, plenty of others were shelved.

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