Science fiction. Adventure. Comedy. High school. Time travel. Sound like a nice blend of elements for a movie? I think so. That's pretty much all we know about Field Trip, a pitch bought by Ivan Reitman's production company, Montecito. Paramount and Walden Media will act as co-financiers.

Since this is one of those Super Top Secret Projects That No One Is Allowed To Talk About Yet Since The Script Hasn't Even Been Written, all we can do is take the bits and bobs we're given and dive into some speculation. I'm going to assume from the title and the high school setting that the plot deals with a science teacher who takes his students on the craziest, most dangerous field trip imaginable thanks to the power of time travel. I'm going to assume it's going to be heavy on the comedy, seeing that it grabbed Reitman's attention. Finally, Walden Media's involvement suggests that this will be a family friendly affair.

Honestly? My brain can't stop conjuring images from "The Magic School Bus." You know, the children's book series about the sociopathic teacher who drags her students on increasingly dangerous missions to terrifying places in a supernatural school bus for the purpose of "education."

The script is being written by Jordan Cahan, who has no credits to his name but apparently has another project set up at Fox (which means this could very possibly be his big break). More as we learn it. Probably slowly. Over the course of a year or so.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)
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