The upcoming spy adventure thriller 'Salt' (in theaters July 23) stars Angelina Jolie as a CIA agent who is accused of plotting to assassinate the president. Implicated by a Russian KGB spy in a conspiracy termed the Day X Plot, Agent Evelyn Salt is forced to flee underground as she attempts to prove her innocence and stop the assassination attempt, all while evading arrest. The truth is shrouded in mystery. Salt doesn't know who she can trust. We don't know if we can trust Salt. Is she who she says she is?

Sony has created a web game for the movie called ''Day X Exists,' which you can find at The game is being hailed by the New York Times as an innovative experiment in viral marketing. My editors (who apparently read the New York Times) approached me, offering to let me play the game for several months, blogging about my experience. It would involve many hours of playing a computer game while staring at Angelina Jolie, which I assumed was an elaborate plot setting me up to be fired. They assured me I could trust them. I tried to get them to sign a written guarantee. They threatened to call security. I would play the game and report my findings.
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