Chris Klein... Do you even remember that he exists? It's been ages since he's done anything really mainstream (unless you count last year's horrible Street Fighter movie), and over a decade since he gave us his 1-2 debut punch of Election and American Pie, the only flicks where his oafishness actually paid off. Besides, with Glee on TV, we've got a modern Paul Metzler/Oz combo with Cory Monteith's Finn. Do we need the washed-up original who has struggled to transform his goofy teen act into leading man material?

There's a wild video waiting for you to press play after the jump where Klein auditions for Dominic Cooper's role in Mamma Mia! I know, the first thing you'd think is that this is a fake, a joke. But here's the thing -- no one seems to know whether it's real or not. E!Online contacted Klein's rep, who declined to comment, and EW was declined as well. Something fishy is going on. If this is a joke, one would think there would be a disclaimer, comments from his reps, or some back story to keep this from making him the brunt of all entertainment jokes on the internet (unless that was the whole point in the first place -- to get this guy back in some sort of pop culture stream). And if it's not a joke, and this is really an audition for the Abba film, the casting folks deserve an Oscar for holding it together as he tried out.

If you can handle some really bad singing, hit the jump and weigh in below -- real or fake?

Update: Universal took down the original clip. The plot thickens. For now, another copy is embedded below.