Welcome to a new series here on Cinematical where we'll be examining some of our favorite soundtracks and songs of summer movies' past.

OK. This is an act of bravery for me. It's a confession. Here it is. I love the soundtrack for The Goonies. I listen to it every summer. It's ridiculous. There's not a single artist or song on it that has stood the test of time. It's not music I would ordinarily listen to. I'm more of an alternative rock guy with forays into punk and jazz. What can account for it?

When The Goonies opened in the summer of 1985, I had already spent many, many summer afternoons playing Indiana Jones in my backyard. And here was a movie that was -- basically -- about kids playing Indiana Jones. Like me, they did not have leather jackets and fedoras and bullwhips; they had windbreakers and sneakers. I instantly related to the movie, and I adored it perhaps a bit more than I should have. I was embarrassed to like it so much. It was personal, and tied into my past. It was not a "cool" movie I could discuss with my friends. For that, there was Code of Silence, Rambo II, Fletch, Back to the Future, Pale Rider, etc.
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