Nothing quite says "summer movie" like Steven Spielberg's 1975 film Jaws -- which made it one of first films I thought of when I learned that we were going to be highlighting scenes we loved from summer movies here at Cinematical. The only challenge was picking one scene I love in a film filled with memorable moments. Rather than go with one of the more obvious choices (Quint's monologue, the opening scene, and the famed "You're gonna need a bigger boat", etc.), I decided to go with a scene that doesn't get discussed as often as many others: the estuary shark attack.

There are a number of things that make this particular scene unforgettable: it's the first time we get a really good look at Bruce -- the film's mechanical shark -- also, it's gory (there's a shot of a severed leg sinking to the ocean floor ... ), it's intense (Chief Brody's son is in the water while the attack is occurring), and it was altered from what Spielberg had originally intended because he felt the scene as he had envisioned it was too gruesome. Plus it's really well shot, which is something a lot of people tend to overlook when discussing Jaws.