Personally I can't deal with the "double feature" DVDs. My blu-ray collection has to stay in ridiculously alphabetical order, and the addition of a My Bloody Valentine + April Fool's Day disc would only drive me insane. But obviously I see the appeal of a "2 flicks on one disc" purchase, if only because it helps you build your movie collection at a slightly cheaper rate. Even better are Universal's franchise collections, like the ones that offer three Jurassic Park flicks or all four Tremors movies in one handy set. Heck, today marks the arrival of several blu-ray double features that make perfect sense:

Trading Places + Coming to America, for example, makes sense, as does Tommy Boy + Black Sheep, even if one of those flicks is pretty awful. The Warriors + Four Brothers also works, I suppose, at least as well as Enemy at the Gates + Defiance. But someone over at Paramount got a little snarky for their fifth double feature, which is, uh, Tropic Thunder + We Were Soldiers. I'm probably reading too much into this, but it almost feels like Randall Wallace's film is being marketed as a satire of war movies, which it isn't. It's actually a somber, stone-faced, cliche-laden Mel Gibson war movie.

The combination just confuses me. Paramount is not short on comedies or war flicks, so why not pair Tropic Thunder and We Were Soldiers with more like-minded movies? No idea. I just thought it was funny.
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