This is a great week to get your movie club groove on. In fact, this last trio is my favorite thus far. Read on and jump into the discussion.

Horror Squad jumped into the beloved and excellent Swedish horror flick that is Let the Right One In. Brian Salisbury describes the film as "a parable about growing up. ... Oscar lives in a world where he is savagely bullied every single day. He is also fascinated by true crime and makes a hobby of collecting newspaper clippings of grisly murders. In other words, he is not horrified by blood and gore, because the true terror in his life is ... his everyday life."

Meanwhile, over at SciFi Squad, Jacob Hall dug into the recent wonder of Sam Rockwell's Moon. He wrote: "With absolutely no one to bounce off of for the entire running time (except for a robot and, er, himself), Sam Rockwell still manages to create one of the great science fiction heroes of all time in Moon."

Finally, I dug into Bill Condon's excellent and fictional spin on the end of James Whale's life, Gods and Monsters. "As director James Whale, McKellan swims between lechery and love, decorum and desperation. He's of the generation where mind trumped all and age didn't dictate thoughts, a Henry Miller of sorts, desperate not to lose the mind he has always held so dear."

As usual, stay tuned this Friday for Cinematical's discussion of Woody Allen's Manhattan, and the next round of picks over at the Squads.
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