Celeb Sightings:
The Daily Mail snapped some pics and shot video of Juliette Binoche in tears after hearing the latest update about Jafar Panahi's imprisonment (see indieWIRE Love, below) and J.Lo doing the yacht scene. Skimming through photos, I mistook cropped-haired Michelle Williams for Carey Mulligan. And I guess Ryan Gosling has kind of the same look as Shia LaBeouf, too. Of course the Hilton sisters are in town. They wouldn't miss a film festival ... for the parties.

Deals:Deadline reports that Mike Leigh's Another Year will go to Sony Pictures Classics for the first domestic acquisition. They also have a roundup of international acquisitions, some of which we've heard about previously. Earlier, we wrote up Brett Ratner's deal with Relativity to distribute the Strouse brothers' Skyline. Variety says it's a big deal that On the Road has gone to Icon for some foreign markets. And The Hollywood Reporter looks at the mid-fest status of deals in general.