This week I was at a loss for what to write about for Doc Talk. I'm still unsure of what this column should really function as. Should I highlight necessary documentary classics? Should I write about new doc releases, which most of our readers will not have access to at the time of posting? Should it be an examination of documentary as an art form? A journalistic form? A media format in general? Whatever the focus, if any, my main wish is to communicate with readers, which is why the column is called Doc Talk. I want to kickstart discussions of non-fiction films. I'll be happy if it sparks even a few comments each week, so I know Cinematical readers actually give a dang about documentary films.

So in addition to drawing a blank on what films to write about, I figured it would be best to put a vote to it. Maybe that would warrant some interactivity, I figured (and please, feel free to suggest or recommend further docs for me to see and write about). Through Twitter and Facebook I was given a number of options, and I ultimately chose two docs I'd seen before, each suggested by a different person, because they are both films by Ondi Timoner (they're also both Sundance winners). This week, I revisit the different yet equally magnificent DiG!and We Live in Public.
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