It's time for more good news about the ever-struggling second stab at The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. Last month, Robert Duvall discussed how he wouldn't prepare for his role as Don Quixote until funding was set, and how director Terry Gilliam has been after actors for the role of Sancho Panza for months. See, Johnny Depp was initially going to reprise his role, but eventually backed out to get busy with those swashbuckling pirates. With one big name out, another big name actor had to come in to fill those shoes.

While at Cannes, Gilliam revealed to Empire in a video interview that Ewan McGregor will grab the other starring role. The filmmakers notes that Ewan has "gotten better over the years," and that it's time to reveal the "colors" that haven't been showing recently. How exactly it will play out is anyone's guess, as Gilliam and co-writer Tony Grisoni reworked the plot since the first stab with Jean Rochefort and Johnny Depp. But in the first incarnation, Cervantes' tale was Gilliam-ized and turned into the tale of Don Quixote, first with Sancho Panza, and then with a modern marketing executive called Toby Grisoni.

But wait -- there's one more bit of information to parse: While less than a month ago, Duvall said this film was still far from a sure thing, Gilliam told the website that round two will kick off this September. Is it wishful thinking? Eternal optimism? Reality? Time, as always, will tell.
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