Who says giant, flying turtles don't have cojones -- Gamera has enough sac in this new computer wallpaper to blast entire armies and keep the lady turtles coming back for more. Shout! Factory's latest DVD release of Gamera: The Giant Monster hits the streets today (purchase it here) and a Special Edition release of Gamera vs. Barugon arrives in stores on July 6 (pre-order it here). Expect to see more of the Shout!-issued Showa Gamera films coming your way soon!

To celebrate the pure awesomeness of this occasion, Shout! Factory is offering fans of the fiery fiend free wallpapers to download for your Mac or PC. Each of the wallpapers features an anatomy chart of Gamera and his arch nemesis Barugon -- showing off the monsters' best assets. Aren't you jealous that you don't have seven sacs -- one of which shoots uranium? And how could you not be jealous of Barugon's Rainbow Ray Prism and Emission Port? It's totally puppies and unicorns!

Get skooled on Monster Anatomy 101 and download the wallpapers over here. Let us know what you think of those DVDs too!
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