GhostbustersThe New York Public Library contracted with a performance art troupe called Improv Everywhere to increase awareness of the NYPL and hopefully prevent some serious budget cuts. Originally, the library had wanted them to reenact the opening scene of Francis Ford Coppola's 'You're a Big Boy Now,' but the improvisationalists had other ideas. Instead, they reenacted the opening scene from the classic science fiction and fantasy comedy 'Ghost Busters,' albeit in their own special way.

Props to the crew who went out of their way to at least gain a passing resemblance to the originals, albeit with a much lower budget (gotta love those "ghosts"). The guy who is supposed to be Harold Ramis' character looks pretty similar to the original and the entire bit is pretty funny. It looks like an attempt at sweding the original film (and could be interpreted as an even more subtle attempt to recreate the movie 'Be Kind Rewind').

The entire sketch can be seen in a YouTube Video (available after the break).
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