One of the most forgettable aspects of Men in Black IIwas the villain. In fact, I had to go back and remind myself that Lara Flynn Boyle filled that role in the sequel, and I'm still pretty foggy about the specifics of her performance and character. All I can recall is that the alien's choice of a lingerie model for her Earth form is a gag copied from Critters 2. As for the original Men in Black, Vincent D'Onofrio did some great physical comedy in his "Edgar suit," but overall the villain problem for both films is that ultimately the aliens shed their human skins to become unremarkable CGI creatures without any real personality or intrigue. They're just big, ugly effects creations for the charming duo of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones to destroy with their big, shiny weapons.

Could Jemaine Clementbring something more to the antagonist's side of the MiB franchise? The Flight of the Conchords has been cast as a villain in the 3D Men in Black 3. According to Heat Vision, he'll be playing the "charming and creepy" Bruno, who is said to be just one of multiple baddies with different identities and different super-abilities. That description isn't much to go on, and hopefully the writers have something deeper going on with him. I'll go with a doubtful perspective for the time being, though, especially if the numerous villain idea is the usual overcrowding of bad guys that we expect from later sequels. Combine that with a time travel plot in which Jones' character is now embodied as a young man by Josh Brolin, and we may have just too many new elements to warm up to here. Oh well, I guess as long as Smith is running around saying funny things it'll be okay.

Do you think MiB3D will bring the goods, villain-wise this time around?

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