mania is continuing to spread and as everyone's favorite wannabe MacGuyver prepares for his big screen debut, the marketing for the film is picking up steam. Wednesday's edition of the New York Post's Page Six column is preparing to unveil a tawdry secret from MacGruber's past -- it seems he wanted to be a naked model before he became a superspy. What Would Tyler Durden Do? has the inside scoop on the story and an early look at some of MacGruber's nekkid photos.

According to WWTDD's sources, MacGruber's male nude modeling career didn't pan out because while his "chemistry with the camera was electrifying," his penis was only "average size." Hard to believe the magnificent mullet didn't make up for any of his physical shortcomings ...

You can check out the NSFW pics -- including MacGruber doing his best impersonation of The Thinker -- by heading over to WWTDD? Do these sassy photos want to make you see more of MacGruber (without the magnifying glass), or have you seen too much of him already?