The idea of making jokes about how popular film franchises will look years down the road isn't the most original thing I've ever seen, but this gallery of entries over at Worth 1000's Future Films 4 contest takes the gag to a new level by using visuals from the original film posters and updating them with hilarious results.

The winner is a very timelyIron Man 8 one-sheet that features Tony Stark's distinctive armor looking a little rusted and rundown after years of exposure to the elements and the powers of nefarious super-villains. The caption is funny too: "Although 'Stainless Steel Man' didn't have quite the same ring, Tony Stark is regretting his choice of materials now."

Second place belongs to Robin N Da Hood, a modernized re-interpretation of the Ridley Scott-Russell Crowe vehicle. Robin sporting a backward cap and pointing a semi-automatic pistol seems like a logical progression for this franchise in the making. Everyone knows a good series needs an entry set in the 'hood at some point ...

There are 21 posters up at the site -- and they run the gamut from the obvious (Die Hard 5 featuring a wheelchair-bound Bruce Willis) to the clever (Little Miss Moonshine), through to the bizarre (Space Grease). Check out the gallery below and share your favorites with us.