Dirk Benedict is back in the news, talking trash about the upcoming film based on The A-Team (a film he even agreed to cameo in). "They'll screw it up," Benedict told Sunday Mercury. "They will do to it what they did to Battlestar Galactica, probably."

Really? You mean they'll re-invent something cheesy and simple into something emotionally complex? Of course that's not what Benedict means -- he's still complaining that people found his roles so compelling, they're willing to re-invent them. That's a compliment, by the way. You can deal with changes with grace and wish the new guys luck, or you can grouse and complain that nothing will ever be as good as the (far less than perfect) original.

Benedict goes on, "I played an iconic character, but they turned him into a girl! When you do Star Wars you don't turn Han Solo into a girl, Hannah Solo." It's not the first time Benedict has railed against Katee Sackhoff taking on the Starbuck mantle -- the two had a public falling out over a 2004 editorial from Benedict in which he expressed his dismay at the show's focus on female characters.

The reality is that the characters are very, very different. Benedict's Starbuck was a late-70's riff on Han Solo, a roguish charmer always staying one step ahead of serious trouble. Sackhoff's Kara "Starbuck" Thrace was a tough-as-nails survivor, often sabotaging herself with her own stubborn independence. Which one is better? That's for you to decide.

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