When you think of oil spills, you likely think of haunting images of seals and pelicans floundering on a tar-soaked beach or satellite pictures of huge plumes darkening Earth's majestic oceans. Now a new name is about to become synonymous with one of history's greatest disasters: Stephen Baldwin.

Okay, folks, no jokes about Baldwin's career please. Actually, the star of 'Stan Lee's Harpies' has announced a serious and important project: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Baldwin has already begun filming a documentary about the disastrous oil well explosion that is still pumping tens of millions of gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico even now.

Titled 'The Will To Drill,' the documentary is being co-produced by Paul Cohen, the marketing guru who helped turn 'The Cove' into an Oscar-winning success. For Baldwin, though, 'Will to Drill' isn't just an opportunity to regain his Hollywood cred, it's a chance to both explore one of the most important issues of the day while also helping highlilght the plight of the Gulf Coast, which has still not recovered from 2005's devastating Hurricane Katrina.
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