First of all: no, there are no official plans to remake The Godfather.

But at the rate that our film industry is devouring its own tail, let's go ahead and treat it like a foregone conclusion anyway. That's the idea behind The Remake Game, in which we try to strike the first blow on who we think Hollywood would cast in the most obvious rehash of a timeless classic, as well as who we think should be cast on this theoretical project. Come on, you dream-cast with your friends already; we're just making a thing out of it.

For example, in the Hollywood version directed by... I don't know, Brett Ratner:

  • Shia LaBeouf would be your inevitable Michael Corleone
  • Mark Strong could feasibly play mob boss Don Vito
  • Sam Rockwell would easily end up as hot-headed Sonny
  • Timothy Olyphant wouldn't be a bad Tom Hagen, actually
  • someone like Justin Long or Jay Baruchel for Fredo
  • and Amanda Seyfried as Michael's eventual wife, Kay.
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