Drew Barrymore in 'Ever After'Just go ahead and rename Hollywood the Emerald City. There are at least five movies inspired by 'The Wizard of Oz' in various stages of development at studios around town. Six, if Wednesday's report from Pajiba is correct, saying that Drew Barrymore is dusting off her own long-shelved 'Oz' spinoff, 'Surrender Dorothy,' probably not to star in herself, but to direct.

What's all the munchkin-mania about? Chalk it up to the success this spring of Tim Burton's'Alice in Wonderland,' which has grossed about $332 million to date in North America and $981 million worldwide. Now, let's see (we imagine studio executives asking themselves), what other well known, public domain fantasy tales with adolescent heroines are out there to adapt? Why, how about L. Frank Baum's century-old 'Oz' novels? There's enough of them for a whole franchise of movies, plus eternal market awareness of the Dorothy character, thanks to the undying classic 1939 film.

Still, six 'Oz' movies at once? We're guessing that not all of them are going to make it down the yellow brick road that leads out of development limbo. Here's a progress report on the various 'Oz' opuses, including Drew Barrymore's reported re-entry into the Dorothy derby.
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