If you're like me and adored C.R.A.Z.Y., but felt cold after the period piece The Young Victoria, it's time to rejoice. Jean-Marc Vallee is returning to his own writing, and he's bringing Johnny Depp's long-time partner along for the ride. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Vallee is returning to French-language cinema with Cafe de flore, and Vanessa Paradis has scored one of the starring roles.

Vallee started writing the film back in 2007, when Victoria landed on his doorstep, sees the film "as a continuation of C.R.A.Z.Y., which gave me the confidence and the wings to fly high." It won't watch the Patsy Cline-named kids later in life, so maybe "spiritual" continuation would be more apt. In Vallee's words, it's "an epic love story that deals with supernatural resources." Instead of a boy with healing powers struggling with his sexuality, it's two stories, one focusing on a mother of a child with Down syndrome in the '60s, and another in the present day that focuses on a couple. There's no word on how the two stories fit together. Paradis will play the mother.

A co-production between Canada and France, the film will start shooting this summer in Montreal and Paris. Could Depp pop in? Will there be more Patsy Cline or David Bowie? Stay tuned!
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