Just the other day I was Tweeting about wanting my very own secret agent/make-out van -- and BA Baracus' black-and-red behemoth on The A-Team would definitely be high up on the list of ones I'd love to own. Unfortunately, I'm probably never gonna get to cruise around in that particular vehicle in real life, but thanks to the magic of videogames, I can at least take it for a spin through Google Earth.

As part of the promotional campaign for the upcoming film, fans can now play a simple driving game where they hop in the van, drive around various cities recreated on Google Earth, and unlock clips from the movie. I haven't played it, but from watching the video clip I can tell you that it looks like the fun would last for about five minutes. But hey, at least it has the kick-ass A-Team theme song!

I pity the fool who actually takes the time to unlock all of the film scenes, but if you've got a few spare minutes to kill and you always wondered what it would be like to drive Mr. T's custom van (which looks like it handles about as well as a tank in the video footage ... ) this should solve both of your problems. Check out the video footage after the jump.