Celeb Sightings: Though not appearing in any films this year's Cannes selection, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis went out for a surprise concert by Patti Smith. Michelle Williams smiles as Harvey Weinstein begins his Oscar campaign for her and Ryan Gosling's performances in Blue Valentine. Penelope Cruz, meanwhile, is avoided the red carpet photo mayhem to "not upstage her man" (that man is Javier Bardem). There are Cannes attendees who could fight the Cat Lady for worst plastic surgery ever (comparison shots for reference). And no celeb news is complete without the Lindsay Lohan, who could get into some hot legal water when she misses a mandatory court appearance this week after losing her passport while partying at the festival. Maybe they'd let her slide ... if she didn't lose it while partying. Swift move, Lindsay.

Our Coverage: The latest review to hit the pile is Quentin Dupieux's Rubber, which Joe Utichi calls: "one of the oddest films in this year's Cannes collection. A tale of a tire rumbling through the desert whose psychokinetic energy can cause heads to explode, it's odd from concept on, and goes out of its way to ensure we've never seen anything quite like it before."
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