Our Hermione Granger, Emma Watson, may have found her first leading feature role outside of the wizardly series, and it's a pretty good gig to boot. Variety reports that Watson and Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) are in talks to star in an indie adaptation of Stephen Chbosky'sThe Perks of Being a Wallflower. Chbosky is not only set to adapt his novel -- he'll also direct while John Malkovich, Lianne Halfon, and Russell Smith produce.

Told through a series of letters to an anonymous person, Wallflower digs into the life a high school teen named Charlie. Smart and shy, he writes about family issues, the loss of his aunt, high school woes, and crushing on a senior girl, and friend, named Sam. It's a good read, and one that's had its share of drama -- it made the top ten of the American Library Association's most frequently challenged books in 1998 because of its treatment of things like suicide, drugs, and homosexuality. There's no word on who is playing who, but I think it's safe to say that Lerman will be Charlie, and Watson will be Sam. While both are already out of the novel's age zone, the pair do have a two-year age difference.

Should she sign on the dotted line, Watson will continue the trend of hot young actors taking the challenging or indie roles over mainstream features, though almost certainly less revealing than Daniel Radcliffe's Equus or Robert Pattinson's Dali. Added bonus -- it's a teen story without pretty girls uglied up with glasses, vampires, or other magical beings. Enjoy the temporary reprieve.
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