From now on, I will only see movies from the very back row of the theatre. Why? Because apparently etiquette has gone out the window. People have become obnoxious, self-absorbed slobs who think it's OK to take off their shoes (and sometimes even their socks!) and put them up within inches of my head.

I've found myself on the edge of my seat at movies more times than I can count. Not because I'm riveted, but because I'm trying to creep away from the filthy size-12 men's sneaker dangling over the seat beside me. Or from the teenage girl who has decided to wedge her shoeless, sockless foot onto my armrest. Oh yes. These things have actually happened. And these ballsy recliners aren't scared off by annoyed half-turns or even disgusted full-turns. Oh no. That only eggs them on, as if their intent is to not only maximize their own comfort, but to infringe on the comfort of others. Like a bizarre power trip.

When did this become acceptable behaviour? It's not just young hooligans who don't know any better. I've seen everyone doing it, from dad types to 30-something women in power suits. I can recall going to the movies as recently as two years ago without having to worry about who's going to put their dirty smelly foot in my face from behind. Yet all of a sudden, kicking back in public has become all the rage. WHY?!
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