Grab 17 Again step on it, crush it, and rid it from your mind. It never existed. There never was a Zac Efron/Matthew Perry switcheroo atrocity. Now think back in time to 2002. Before Burr Steers brought us that comedy we won't mention again, he brought us other laughs that exist in a wholly different world: Igby Goes Down.

Written and directed by Steers and delightfully indie from beginning to end, the film stars Kieran Culkin as Igby, a rich ne'er do well who gets bumped from school to school while dreaming of his long-absent and schizo father and suffering through life with his cold mom (Susan Sarandon) and jerky Republican older brother (Ryan Philippe). At its most basic, Igby is the typical coming of age story, but it's told as a life where euthanasia is performed with a plastic bag, Jeff Goldblum is his godfather with a junkie mistress, and he falls for a liberal college student (Claire Danes) who has incredibly questionable taste in paramours.

Thanks to the beauty of the Internet, you can catch the great flick for free, and try to wrap your head around how one man can bring such different films to the screen with nary a cinematic jump in between. So, stop what you're doing and:

Head Over to SlashControl and Watch Igby Goes Down...
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