Walking is so 2009, Quantum Teleportation is now where it's at. Ars Technica has a fascinating article up explaining a huge new milestone in the bleeding edge field: scientists have been able to teleport information across a free space distance of ten miles. Why is this a big deal? Well, in the past scientists have only been able to teleport information across a small span of a few meters and even then they had to do so through some kind of conduit like a fiber optic cable. What happened recently was an open-air quantum teleportation from across ten miles.

Of course, teleporting information is a lot different than teleporting matter. Right now, all scientists are capable of doing is altering the quantum state of one particle, say a photon or ion. When this happens, quantum entanglement occurs and the corresponding state of its partner then changes as well. So no one is going to be teleporting themselves any time soon, but this does have huge implications for how scientists can transmit data across distances that are normally resistant to normal modes of communication, like radio waves. Once this technology is refined, communicating across space will be far more efficient.

And speaking of space, in pursuit of creating what a manned mission to Mars would mentally do to humans, six men have volunteered to be isolated in a spaceship module outside of Moscow for 500 days. Obviously the researchers aren't looking to see how such a lengthy stay aboard a low-gravity spaceship will effect bone density and what not (unless the Russians have an anti-gravity device I'm unaware of), but they are looking to see whether or not spending 500 days inside a 1,000 square foot hermetically-sealed prison with five other people will drive you insane. I've seen enough movies to know that yes, it will.
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