I'm a little surprised it has taken this long for someone to officially announce that Quantic Dream's much ballyhooed PS3-exclusive serial killer game Heavy Rain is headed for the big screen. If you've played the game or have seen trailers for it, I'm sure you share my bemusement. It is, by meticulous design, one of the most cinematic games ever created; it's got a tremendous script; and it was incredibly well received by critics and consumers alike-- combine all that with the fact that Hollywood's next big trend is likely to be video game adaptations, something as noteworthy as Heavy Rain should have been a no brainer.

Even more surprising to me, however, is that Sony's film division did not end up with the film rights to the game they published. Deadline reports that Unique Features is the studio set to get the ball rolling on an adaptation. Unique Features may not be an instantly recognizable studio (it's generic name certainly doesn't help), but it was recently started by ex-New Liners Michael Lynne and Bob Shaye, so one can hope that something as dark and dreary as Heavy Rain is in good, genre-friendly hands. No screenwriters or directors have been attached yet, so I wouldn't expect this to hit screens any time soon, but it is nice to know that things are progressing.

If you are unfamiliar with Heavy Rain, check out the official Amazon description of the game's story, as well as a trailer for it below:

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