There is one word that can sum up the buzz surrounding the latest 'Saturday Night Live' spinoff flick, and that's "doubt." Based on the loosely-constructed farce of the 1980s 'MacGyver' series, MacGruber has proved to be a popular bit on the late-night variety show. Served up in 60-second chunks and full of retro laughs, the routine has worked more like a link between sketches than anything else. A modest $10 million budget and limited in storyline scope, the green light to turn MacGruber into a feature length film has been a curiosity to both industry insiders and fans alike.

On 'SNL', the scenario for each installment is always the same: MacGruber, with his female sidekick and episode host by his side, is trapped in a room that holds a ticking time bomb. Similar to the original MacGyver character, MacGruber uses any available apparatus to jimmy-up a solution to his troubles, as his cohorts pass over elastic bands, thumb tacks and tennis balls to help the cause. MacGruber typically gets distracted by the arguments and conversations happening as he works, exposing his ego, vanity and pride – and then the bomb goes off.
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