I love it when animators have free time on their hands -- you get some of the coolest fan art ever. Josh Cooley, story artist for Pixar, has been taking scenes from grown-up films and turning them into pages for some imaginary Golden Book on his blog for over two years. Now, he's collecting them into an actual book, Movies R Fun! ("A Lil' Inappropriate Book").

The book (featuring child-like imaginings of Terminator 2, The Godfather, and Leon: The Professional, among other films) will be available from Cooley just in time for this year's San Diego Comic Con. The best part of this news, to me, is that Cooley's cartoons will also be sold as prints. I'd love to have a couple of these on my wall, and can't wait to see what else Cooley has in store within the book itself.

Check out these terrific images from Movies R Fun!

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