Last December, Paul Greengrass did a Matt Damon-worthy dodge out of making another Jason Bourne film. He quickly followed up on that surprise by becoming attached to James Cameron's remake of Fantastic Voyage. Greengrass' gritty style was an unusual fit for a medical science movie, but what's the use of remaking something if you're not going to experiment? We were all keen to see the results.

Well, it was an intriguing idea while it lasted. According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Greengrass has dropped out of Fantastic Voyage. He was never signed, only in talks, and everyone in the DHD comments are whispering that it must have been a personality clash between him and Cameron. Who knows? We may never, and now it's just an intriguing footnote to be placed on the IMDB trivia page in 2015, or whenever this thing lands.

By now you're thinking "Well, maybe Greengrass doesn't do remakes!" Prepare for your bubble to be burst. Greengrass is now circling a "stylized remake" of Treasure Island that's set up at Warner Bros with Sherlock Holmes' producer Lionel Wigram. (He's becoming the man for revamping the classic book department, isn't he?) Once again, no deals have been signed, and it seems to rest on whether or not they could agree on a screenwriter. Now, I can certainly see Greengrass' shaky-cam and gritty action making one hell of a pirate movie. But why Treasure Island again? Why does X mark the spot for Greengrass? And will he stick this time, or move on, shocking us even more with what he lands on next?
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