For this edition Shadows of Film Noir, we take a look at Don Siegel's The Lineup, produced by the "B" unit at Columbia Pictures in 1958. It was unavailable for years, but Sony thankfully released it as part of the 2009 Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics DVD box set.

Behind the Scenes

Director Don Siegel was born in Chicago in 1912 and was educated at Cambridge. He landed a job as a "montage" director at Warner Bros., and made most of those little transitional sequences you see in Casablanca and the Bette Davis movie Now, Voyager. He made his feature directorial debut in 1946 with The Verdict, and continued making low-budget crime films (along with some Westerns and war films) -- including The Lineup -- for over a decade. His biggest hit from this period was, of course, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956). In 1960, he directed what many consider Elvis Presley's best film, Flaming Star. In 1968, he began an important relationship with actor Clint Eastwood, and they made five key films together, including the smash hit Dirty Harry (1971). He also made such classics as Charley Varrick (1973) and The Shootist (1976), but ended his career on a down note with the much-hated Jinxed! (1982).

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